St. Paul’s supports national and global outreach through financial contributions and special projects.

Financially we support Navajoland, Remote Area Medical, Wounded Warriors Project, Partners in Health, Sudan Relief, Food for the Poor, Jerusalem/Palestinian Relief, Eastern Oregon Haiti Project, Episcopal Relief and Development, United Thank Offering, and Kiva Micro Loans.

kivaDonating to Kiva microloan program is a new outreach project for St. Paul’s. Currently we have made 5 micro loans of $25 each through Kiva. The current loans support: Education in Uganda, to provide a clean water source for a school; a Pharmacy in Pakistan, allowing the pharmacist to buy medicine for resale; the owner of a General Store in Jordan, providing funds to buy goods for resale; a Rickshaw driver in Palestine, allowing him to continue his delivery service; the owner of a Clothing Store in El Salvador, providing funds to buy goods for resale. As these loans are repaid, the funds will be reinvested in loans to other recipients chosen by the Outreach Committee. John Adams is the coordinator for St. Paul’s Kiva microloan efforts.

Learn more about the mission of the Outreach Team and how you can join us as we strive to be Christ’s hands in the world.

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