Liturgical Ministries


You can be involved in the worship service!


St. Paul’s Choir is open to anyone in the church or Columbia Gorge community who wants to enjoy the fellowship of singing together for the purpose of bringing music to St. Paul’s parish. From September through June, the choir prepares an anthem each week for the 10:00 a.m. Sunday service and provides vocal and musical leadership for congregational singing of hymns and service music. During the school year, the choir rehearses Sunday mornings at 8:30 and Tuesday evenings at 5:30. Lloyd Walworth, choir director and Rule Beasley, accompanist.

Altar guild

The Altar Guild works “behind the scenes” to prepare all things necessary for the conduct and celebration of worship at St. Paul’s. This includes Sunday morning, special services throughout the year, including Christmas, the liturgies of Holy Week and Easter, weddings, and funerals, and any other worship services that may be celebrated. The preparations are done reverently and prayerfully so that all services may proceed in order and beauty to the glory of God in Jesus Christ. Joanne Manciu is the Altar Guild chair.


Acolytes serve at the Altar, assisting the Priest and Deacon, on Sunday morning. It is their duty to light the candles prior to the service. They may be part of the processions, serving as crucifer, torch bearer, and occasionally as banner-bearer or thurifer. The Acolyte may assist the Deacon by carrying the Gospel book in the Gospel procession, setting the table for communion, and the presentation of the offerings. Their work is to be an essential part of the service without distracting from the service. Acolytes may be children of school age or adults.


“Lector” is the title given to lay people who read the First Lesson and lead the Psalms at Sunday worship. Any adult or child with good reading ability is welcome to be a Lector or to lead the Prayers of the People. The Rector or the Worship Committee provides training for this ministry and readers are scheduled several weeks in advance.

Worship Leaders, Eucharistic Ministers, Eucharistic Visitors

Worship Leaders, Eucharistic Ministers, and Eucharistic Visitors are lay ministries licensed in accordance with the Canons of The Episcopal Church. Worship Leaders assist the Priest and Deacons in leading the services of worship on Sunday Mornings. Licensed Worship Leaders may also lead Morning Prayer or other prayer services in the absence of a Priest.

Eucharistic Ministers assist the Priest and Deacon with the distribution of the bread and wine during a service of Eucharist (Holy Communion). A Eucharistic Visitor may take bread and wine directly from a service of Eucharist to a member of the congregation who is home-bound or hospitalized as scheduled by the Priest or Deacon. These ministries require training under the direction of the Priest and application for licensing. Training is offered periodically.